Live Edge Bench

Ruth Rojas
25 min readMar 17, 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive roundup of the best Live Edge Benches on the market. These stunning, one-of-a-kind benches are not just functional furniture pieces, but also works of art that showcase the natural beauty of wood. Join us as we delve into the world of Live Edge Benches, and help you discover the perfect piece to enhance your home’s aesthetic and functionality.

The Top 20 Best Live Edge Bench

  1. Live Edge Wood Bench with Patina/Gunstock Metal Legs — Elevate your home decor with the unique Alaterre Furniture Hairpin Live Edge Bench, featuring live edge design, stylish hairpin legs, and a solid wood top that showcases natural imperfections.
  2. Industrial-style Live Edge Acacia Wood Bench — Bring the rustic charm of Alaterre Furniture’s Ryegate Natural Live Edge Solid Wood Bench into your home, boasting a hand-waxed finish, solid wood top, and metal legs for durability and a standout lodge-inspired design.
  3. Riverstone Grey Solid Live Edge Wood Accent Bench: Handcrafted for Timeless Beauty — Create a unique and authentic live edge bench with an ethically sourced, hand-crafted blend of real North American wood and industrial pipes, all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
  4. Live Edge Acacia Storage Bench — Natural Solid Hardwood Masterpiece — Experience ultimate storage with the Jofran Cooper Live Edge Storage Bench, a true masterpiece made from natural solid Acacia that will add a distinctive charm to any space.
  5. Rustic Live Edge Dining Bench for 3 People — Experience the perfect balance of style and functionality with the Liveal Rustic 63" Live Edge Dining Bench, offering comfortable seating and stylish storage in a solid wood sled base design.
  6. Natural Live Edge Bench with Bowtie Accent and White Metal Frame — The Main + Mesa Live Edge Wood Bench with Metal Frame combines natural beauty with modern design, featuring a sleek natural finish and bowtie accents, perfect for entryways, bedrooms, or living rooms.
  7. Contemporary Sheesham Wood Live Edge Dining Bench — Indulge in the effortless elegance of the Coast to Coast Imports Mila Solid Wood Live Edge Dining Bench, featuring a 64"W x 17"D x 19"H design, sheesham solid wood construction, and tapered, splayed legs for a unique and stunning dining experience.
  8. Rustic Live Edge Dining Bench in Walnut — 51.25" L x 17.75" W x 18.1" H — Experience modern farmhouse styling with the TMS Mandeville Live Edge Dining Bench Walnut, featuring a thick bench top, X-brace legs, and a rustic walnut finish for that perfect blend of elegance and warmth.
  9. Modern Live Edge Wood Bench with Dark Brown Finish — Experience the ultimate fusion of nature and modernity with the VIG Furniture Modrest Taylor Large Modern Live Edge Wood Dining Bench, Dark Brown, featuring a 1.5-inch-thick solid Acacia bench top, live edge detailing, and sleek black metal U-legs.
  10. Stylish Live Edge Industrial Bench with Acacia Wood Top — The Branch Live Edge Industrial Bench combines natural beauty and industrial charm in a versatile, durable design for your living space.
  11. Live Edge Light Walnut Bench by Alpine Furniture — Experience modern elegance with the Alpine Furniture Live Edge Wood Bench in Light Walnut, featuring a stunning live edge look and solid acacia wood for unmatched durability and style.
  12. Unique Acacia Live-Edge Bench for Modern Spaces — Get ready to add a touch of elegance with the Terre Live Edge Small Bench, a stylish and unique seating option perfect for any space!
  13. Pemberly Row Live Edge Bench with Gray Sheesham Finish — Transform your dining space with the rustic charm of the Pemberly Row Farmhouse Wood Live Edge Dining Bench, featuring a blend of gray sheesham and black metal finishes for an earthy, inviting aesthetic.
  14. Live Edge Nottingham Acacia Wood Dining Bench with Walnut Finish — Experience the perfect blend of natural beauty, durability, and modern design with the 90 in. Nottingham Acacia Wood Live Edge Dining Bench, featuring a hand-forged iron base and water-based catalyzed walnut finish.
  15. Natural Live Edge Acacia Wood Dining Bench with Black Metal Legs — Add character to your dining area with the X-Large Modrest Taylor Live Edge Bench, featuring a 1 1/2" thick solid Acacia wood top, black metal U-legs, and easy assembly.
  16. Modern Live Edge Acacia Wood Dining Bench with Black Metal Legs — Elevate your dining game with the stunning Live Edge Bench, featuring rich wood and sleek black metal legs, offering the perfect blend of classic and modern elegance.
  17. Stylish Live Edge Wood and Iron Bench — Experience the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern sophistication with the Kalalou Live Edge Wood and Iron Bench, featuring strong metal legs and a black iron base that highlights the rich wood grain.
  18. Beautiful Solid Acacia Wood Live Edge Bench — Experience natural beauty and modern style with the Taran Designs Harper 85" Live Edge Wood Bench, handcrafted from solid acacia wood with a Chestnut Brown finish, providing an elegant seating solution for up to 4 guests.
  19. Rustic Live Edge Acacia Wood Dining Bench — Enhance your dining experience with the stunning Isla 60 inch Acacia Wood Bench, featuring live edge grains, brown-black semi gloss finish, and durable acacia wood construction.
  20. Rustic Acacia Live Edge Bench — Aurelle Home Brown Rustic Live Edge Bench: Celebrate nature’s beauty with this stunning solid acacia bench boasting untouched live edges and premium iron legs, making it a truly unique and functional piece of furniture.

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🔗Live Edge Wood Bench with Patina/Gunstock Metal Legs


The Alaterre Furniture Hairpin Natural Live Edge Wood and Metal Bench is an impressive piece that effortlessly adds an air of sophistication to any space. The unique live edge design not only adds a touch of natural charm but also ensures that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. The rustic patina metal of the hairpin legs blends seamlessly with the solid wood top, creating a seamless blend of nature and industrial aesthetics. The bench’s sturdiness is evident as it is designed to support up to 300 pounds.

Assembling the bench is a relatively straightforward process, albeit requiring some patience as the instructions make it abundantly clear that accuracy is key to ensure the bench stands as sturdy as intended. It is also a plus that the bench comes with adjustable floor levelers, allowing it to sit perfectly level regardless of the surface it rests on.

However, one cannot ignore the fact that the bench can be a bit wobbly, especially when it is fully loaded, and this is probably due to the natural imperfections in the wood. Nevertheless, this wobbliness does not detract from the overall charm and appeal of the bench, and it is a small trade-off for the warmth and character of the live edge wood.

Despite the minor flaw, the Alaterre Furniture Hairpin Natural Live Edge Wood and Metal Bench remains a remarkable piece of furniture that combines style and practicality in a unique and eye-catching manner. The perfect addition to any living space, it never fails to impress with its rustic charm and unmatched durability.

🔗Industrial-style Live Edge Acacia Wood Bench


When I first laid my eyes on the Alaterre Furniture Ryegate Natural Live Edge Solid Wood Bench, I was drawn to its natural beauty and unique character. Crafted with solid acacia wood and metal, the bench boasts a charming, rustic aesthetic that would fit well in a cabin or lodge setting. The hand-waxed finish adds an upscale touch to this piece, and the inclusion of nylon floor protectors helps keep your floors scratch-free.

One of the standout features of this bench was its stability. The metal legs and solid wood construction ensure that it can hold up to daily use without wobbling or showing signs of wear. However, I did notice that the metal straps and frame on the tabletop were slightly raised, which could be an issue for those seeking a more seamless, industrial look.

Assembly was a breeze, with only minor difficulties encountered in getting the legs perfectly aligned. The instructions were straightforward and easy to follow, making it a relatively hassle-free experience. The bench’s lower shelf also proved to be a practical addition, providing extra storage space for essentials.

In summary, the Alaterre Furniture Ryegate Natural Live Edge Solid Wood Bench is a well-crafted piece that offers both style and functionality. While there are a few minor drawbacks, such as the raised metal straps, the overall quality and durability of this bench make it a worthwhile investment for anyone in search of a stylish, sturdy addition to their home décor.

🔗Riverstone Grey Solid Live Edge Wood Accent Bench: Handcrafted for Timeless Beauty


Last week, I decided to bring in a touch of nature into my living room, and that’s when I stumbled upon the Restore Riverstone Grey Solid Live Edge Wood Accent Bench. First impression? The hand-stained, wire-brushed, and Riverstone Grey stained bench top stood out in my space, and I fell in love with the warm shades of tan, tan, and grey.

Assembling the bench, I knew it would be a fun DIY project. Once I’d put the base together, I was pleased with how sturdy it felt. The bench fit well in my living room, and the mix of rustic and industrial elements created a beautiful contrast. One thing I loved about this bench was how its unique characteristics made it truly one-of-a-kind. Each piece of reclaimed wood was special, with its own knots and grain patterns that added charm to the entire piece.

🔗Live Edge Acacia Storage Bench — Natural Solid Hardwood Masterpiece


I’ve been using this Live Edge Storage Bench in my living room for a few months now, and let me tell you, it has become a staple piece in the room. The natural Acacia wood just adds a touch of warmth and elegance that works perfectly with my home decor. One of my favorite features is the unique, one-of-a-kind live edge on the top of the bench, which gives it a rustic charm like no other.

The bench has a shelf at the bottom, which comes in handy for storing books or ornaments. It’s just the right size for that purpose, and the fact that it’s built so solidly makes me trust it to hold anything I place on it.

However, there’s one aspect that I must mention. I’ve heard from a couple of friends who have had similar experiences, and that’s about the packaging. The bench takes a pretty long time to arrive due to the custom-made nature of the product, but the wait is worth it. Another thing to note is that you might need to assemble a few pieces on your own, but it’s not a big deal.

Overall, the Live Edge Storage Bench from Jofran Cooper is a fantastic addition to any home. It’s not only beautiful but also incredibly practical. Just make sure you’re mentally prepared for a bit of DIY assembly and a longer wait for delivery. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, yes!

🔗Rustic Live Edge Dining Bench for 3 People


I recently purchased the Liveal Rustic dining bench and it’s been a game-changer for our living space. The live edge design adds a natural touch that blends effortlessly with the rest of my furniture. The sleek rustic look is not only stylish but also durable, perfect for my young children. The sled base in silver adds a touch of class and offers convenient storage for our shoes.

The bench is beautifully crafted, offering comfortable seating for up to three guests without compromising space. It matches perfectly with my dining table and adds a cozy touch to our dining area. The assembly process was straightforward and hassle-free, with no issues aligning pieces.

In summary, the Liveal Rustic 63" Live Edge Dining Bench exceeded my expectations. It adds a functional and stylish touch to my living space, and the solid wood construction ensures it will last for years to come.

🔗Natural Live Edge Bench with Bowtie Accent and White Metal Frame


The Main + Mesa Live Edge Wood Bench has been a game-changer in my living room, serving as both a functional and decorative piece. The natural wood contrasts beautifully with the sleek white metal frame, and its adjustable feet come in handy if you want to level it out on an uneven surface. However, it’s important to note that this bench is for indoor use only, so it’s not for those who want to take it outside.

One of my favorite features of this bench is that it’s super easy to clean — just wipe it down with a damp cloth. It’s the perfect size for a cozy living room window seat or to place at the end of a bed. The bench measures 60"L x 18"H x 15.5"D, so it fits well in my space, and minimal assembly was required, which was a definite plus.

Overall, I’m really happy with this bench and the unique touch it brings to my living space.

🔗Contemporary Sheesham Wood Live Edge Dining Bench


The Coast to Coast Imports Mila Solid Wood Live Edge Dining Bench is a beautiful addition to any modern kitchen or dining room. Its simplicity of design, coupled with the organic flair of the live edge design, creates a unique character that is both refreshing and captivating. The nut brown finish adds a touch of richness, while the tapered and splayed legs give it a charming touch. The bench also boasts adjustable levelers, ensuring that it remains stable and secure wherever it’s placed. Coordinating pieces are available to complete the look.

One of the aspects I enjoyed most about this dining bench is its versatility. It can easily blend into any interior, whether contemporary or rustic. Additionally, the adjustable levelers make it easy to ensure it remains stable and secure, especially on uneven surfaces. However, I did notice that the bench may require occasional maintenance to keep it looking its best, as the live edge design can show wear and tear over time.

In summary, the Coast to Coast Imports Mila Solid Wood Live Edge Dining Bench is a great choice for those looking to add a touch of uniqueness and charm to their dining area. Its simplicity of design, organic flair, rich nut brown finish, and adjustable levelers make it a standout piece. Just be prepared to take care of it to maintain its beauty and longevity.

🔗Rustic Live Edge Dining Bench in Walnut — 51.25" L x 17.75" W x 18.1" H


The Mandeville Dining Bench in Brown from Buylateral brought a touch of rustic charm to my dining room — a true testament to its versatility and style. The live edge along the bench’s length and X-brace legs made the bench sturdy and visually unique. Its walnut finish was warm and complemented my dining table.

The bench’s height of 18.1 inches was perfect for guests, while its width of 47.6 inches provided ample seating. The depth of 14 inches was a plus, ensuring it didn’t stick out from under the table too much. The weight of the bench was impressive, indicating a well-made product.

Though the live edge made each bench distinct, it also led to minor imperfections. One bench had a small crack in the seat portion, but the seller’s excellent customer service quickly rectified the issue. It’s a testament to the company’s dedication to their products.

The bench was easy to assemble, and the matching walnut finish made it look like it was part of the same set as the dining table. This bench has become an indispensable element in our dining room, and we highly recommend it for those seeking a stylish and sturdy addition to their space.

🔗Modern Live Edge Wood Bench with Dark Brown Finish


Witness the perfect blend of nature and modernity with VIG Furniture’s Modrest Taylor Large Modern Live Edge Wood Dining Bench. This Dark Brown dining bench boasts a solid Acacia wood top, providing a perfect canvas for its unique live edge design. Its metal U-legs in black stand strong, grounding the bench while still offering a contemporary touch.

With a comfortable seating capacity of three, it’s more than ready to accommodate your dinner parties with ease.

🔗Stylish Live Edge Industrial Bench with Acacia Wood Top


The Branch Live Edge Industrial Bench Brown by Timbergirl is a unique piece of wood furniture that stands out in any room. With its natural, light acacia wood finish, it brings a touch of the outdoors into your home. The thick slab tabletop and blocky legs give it a sturdy feel, while the supportive trestle base ensures its stability.

What makes this bench truly special is its exposed bolt accents, which add an industrial vibe to the piece. However, it’s essential to note that solid wood furniture like this may develop small cracks and fissures with changes in humidity and temperature, and that is a natural trait you’ll have to bear with. Overall, the Branch Live Edge Industrial Bench is a beautiful addition to any space, blending style and substance.

🔗Live Edge Light Walnut Bench by Alpine Furniture


Living with this Alpine Furniture Live Edge Wood Bench feels like bringing a piece of nature into your home. The solid acacia wood, combined with metal legs, creates a sturdy base that’s perfect for comfortably seating guests. As you sit on the rectangular seat, you’ll appreciate the natural beauty of the live edge look that sets it apart from other benches in your home.

The Light Walnut color adds a touch of elegance. My only regret is that I didn’t discover this bench earlier.

🔗Unique Acacia Live-Edge Bench for Modern Spaces


I fell in love with the Terre Live Edge Small Bench the moment I laid my eyes on it. The natural finish of the live-edge acacia wood top perfectly complements the compact design, making it a versatile addition to any room. It effortlessly blends seamlessly with your existing decor, proving to be an excellent seating solution for entryways or dining tables.

The bench’s durability and quality come from the high-quality acacia wood it’s handcrafted from. However, I must admit that the bench is a bit low to the ground, which might not be ideal for some users.

Nonetheless, the Terre Live Edge Small Bench is a great choice if you’re looking for a unique and elegant piece that also offers practical functionality.

🔗Pemberly Row Live Edge Bench with Gray Sheesham Finish


I recently had the opportunity to use this rustic wood dining bench in my home, and it truly added a warm inviting touch to my dining space. The combination of gray sheesham and black metal was stunning, and the bench was the perfect size for seating a few friends or family members.

One of the standout features was the live edge design, which was indeed a unique touch and transformed my dining space into something more vibrant and interesting. The bench itself was well made and sturdy, despite being a backless design. Assembly was a bit of a challenge, but once it was up and running, it was worth the effort.

Overall, I would recommend this Live Edge Bench for those looking to add a bit of earthy charm to their dining area. It’s not without its drawbacks, like the need for some assembly and potential maintenance issues, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

🔗Live Edge Nottingham Acacia Wood Dining Bench with Walnut Finish


I’ve been using the World Interiors 90 in. Nottingham Acacia Wood Live Edge Dining Bench for a few weeks now, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my home decor. This bench doesn’t just elevate the style of my living area, but it also breathes new life into my daily routine.

The hand-forged iron legs, finished with an antique zinc, give the piece a classic charm while the water-based catalyzed walnut finish adds a touch of modern sophistication. I particularly love the live edge detail, as it adds a unique and rustic touch to the overall design. The hand-crafted acacia wood seat feels sturdy, and I can tell it’s built to withstand daily use.

The assembly process was surprisingly hassle-free, taking only about 20–30 minutes to assemble. Despite its size, the bench was manageable to install on my own. The materials are of the finest quality, which I appreciate as it makes for an effortless addition to any home.

One thing I would note is that the bench’s high-quality materials and unique design might make it a bit more of an investment compared to other products on the market. However, I believe it’s worth it for the beauty, craftsmanship, and durability it provides. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and can confidently recommend this bench to anyone looking to elevate their home decor.

🔗Natural Live Edge Acacia Wood Dining Bench with Black Metal Legs


I’ve been using the X-Large Modrest Taylor dining bench in my home for a few weeks now, and I must say, it’s a fantastic addition to my dining area. The solid Acacia wood top, with its unique live-edge detailing, adds a rustic charm to the table that can’t be beat. The bench is 1.5 inches thick, making it sturdy yet comfortable to sit on.

The sleek black metal U-shaped legs are both a stylish contrast and a dependable support system for the tabletop. One thing to note: this bench does require some assembly, but it’s not difficult at all — a minor inconvenience for such a beautiful piece. Overall, the Modrest Taylor dining bench is an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring some nature-inspired style and durability to their dining room.

🔗Modern Live Edge Acacia Wood Dining Bench with Black Metal Legs


Recently, I fell in love with a beautifully crafted dining bench that perfectly complemented the vintage vibe in my living area. The piece features a stunning live edge wood design, and its thick slabs of acacia wood are polished to perfection. It’s truly a masterpiece that’s sure to be the centerpiece of any dinner party or casual gathering.

One of the things that really stands out about this bench is its versatile u-shaped black metal legs, which not only provide a modern and edgy touch but also add a functional element to the design. I absolutely adore the natural finish that allows the rich color of the wood to shine through, making it the perfect addition to my living space.

The assembly process was relatively straightforward, and the clear instructions made it easy to assemble it on my own. The bench is strong and sturdy, with a weight capacity of 400 pounds, so I feel confident it will withstand the test of time. The bench can comfortably seat 2 people, yet it doesn’t take up much space in my cozy apartment.

Despite its high quality and beautiful design, I did notice that the finish is quite vulnerable to scratches and stains. That’s a minor drawback, but one that I’m willing to overlook considering the bench’s overall aesthetic appeal and functionality. Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and timeless dining bench.

🔗Stylish Live Edge Wood and Iron Bench


A few weeks ago, I bought the Kalalou Live Edge Wood and Iron Bench to add a touch of elegance to my front porch. The bench is absolutely stunning, with its mixture of natural wood and sleek black iron bases. It’s perfect for my cozy cabin aesthetic and really does make an impressive addition to my entranceway.

One of the things that stood out to me was the bench’s dimensions. At 59 inches wide and 20 inches deep, it’s spacious enough for seating a few guests comfortably. Plus, the bench’s 18 inches high gives it the right height for a comfortable seating position.

The finish of the bench is another highlight for me. The combination of black and brown really makes the bench stand out, lending a transitional appeal to any space. The durability of the product is quite impressive too. The bench is made of metal and wood, and the screw-on legs really add a sense of stability and security.

However, the only downside I noticed was the lack of reviews and ratings online. It would have been great to see some user feedback before making the purchase. Despite this, I can say with confidence that this bench has been a great addition to my home, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a timeless, sophisticated piece of furniture.

🔗Beautiful Solid Acacia Wood Live Edge Bench


I recently came across the Taran Designs Harper 85" Live Edge Wood Bench, and let me tell you, it’s a stunning piece of furniture. The moment you lay eyes on it, you’ll notice the natural beauty of the acacia wood. It’s handcrafted with such care and attention to detail that it truly stands out. The rich chestnut brown finish and the warm walnut hue make it a sophisticated addition to any room.

Now, don’t be fooled by the sleek design. This bench is durable and sturdy. The solid acacia wood construction, along with the stain applied directly onto the wood, means it’s built to last. However, you’ll need to put in a bit of effort to assemble it yourself.

One thing that really stands out is the fact that no particle, compressed, or laminate board is used. This ben

🔗Rustic Live Edge Acacia Wood Dining Bench


I recently stumbled upon the Isla Acacia Wood Bench, and let me tell you, it was an absolute delight to use in my daily life. Its wide rectangular seat, measuring a spacious 60 inches by 18 inches, provided ample seating for my extended family during gatherings or even in my outdoor patio area. Made from durable acacia wood and metal, this bench exudes an aura of stability and strength, thanks to its angled metal legs.

What particularly stood out for me about this bench is its naturalistic edge construction, which adds a unique and organic flair to its overall appearance. Not to mention the wood knots, cracks, and grain details that make each piece truly one-of-a-kind. The semi-gloss finish is just the icing on the cake, adding a touch of class to this already stellar bench.

However, one downside I noticed was the bench’s storage capacity — with only three storage compartments included, it wasn’t quite suitable for larger households or extended get-togethers. Additionally, the bench’s semi-gloss finish can be a bit too shiny for some, especially in an outdoor setting. Nevertheless, these minor setbacks don’t detract significantly from the overall elegance and durability of the Isla Acacia Wood Bench.

🔗Rustic Acacia Live Edge Bench


Using the Aurelle Home Brown Rustic Live Edge Bench, I was immediately drawn to its rustic and natural vibe. The unfinished live edges of the heavy slabs of solid acacia made it stand out, while the quality iron legs added an elegant touch. The construction was solid and sturdy, reflecting the product’s hardwood nature, which made it a perfect addition to any home.

On the flip side, I spent some time assembling the bench on my own, which was a bit time-consuming. Additionally, the size made it a bit challenging to maneuver around tight spaces. However, once set up and in its designated area, the bench was the centerpiece of the room, catching everyone’s attention and admiration. The maintenance was minimal, and I loved how the live-edge timbers added a unique touch to the overall design.

Buyer’s Guide

Live edge benches are a stunning addition to any home, and their unique design makes them a popular choice for furniture enthusiasts. When purchasing a live edge bench, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the perfect one for your space. Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you navigate the world of live edge benches.


Material Considerations

The primary material used in live edge benches is wood. You can choose from a variety of woods, each with its own visual characteristics and properties. Popular options include oak, maple, walnut, and cherry. Consider the color, grain patterns, and durability of the wood when making your selection. Also, factors like climate and humidity should be considered, as wood can expand or contract with changing conditions.

Size and Shape

Live edge benches come in a range of sizes and shapes, so it’s essential to measure the space in which your bench will be placed before making a purchase. Consider factors such as the bench’s length, width, and height. Additionally, some benches have a curved or rounded shape, while others have a more angular design. Think about how the bench will fit into your space and the overall aesthetic you’re looking for.


Finish and Maintenance

The finish on a live edge bench can help protect the wood and enhance its natural beauty. There are several options, including natural oils, waxes, and varnishes. Research the pros and cons of each finish type, as well as the level of maintenance required. Generally, live edge benches will require occasional cleaning and reconditioning to keep them looking their best.

Craftsmanship and Quality

The craftsmanship of a live edge bench is a critical factor to consider, as this piece will likely be the centerpiece of your room. Look for a bench made from high-quality wood, with precise cuts and a smooth, consistent finish. Additionally, consider the overall design and construction of the bench, as well as any additional features such as legs or supports.



What is a Live Edge Bench?

A live edge bench is a type of wooden bench that features the natural, unaltered edges of the tree trunk. This results in a visually unique and rustic piece of furniture with an irregular shape and a natural feel. The bench is typically made from hardwood and has a sturdy, yet elegant design, making it a popular choice for outdoor seating or as an accent piece in a home.

The live edge style is preferred by those who appreciate the beauty of natural materials and the unique character each live edge bench possesses. These functional and attractive pieces of furniture can be found in a variety of woods, finishes, and sizes, making them suitable for diverse design preferences and needs.


What are the benefits of using a Live Edge Bench?

One of the primary benefits of using a live edge bench is its unique appearance. The natural, unaltered edges of the tree trunk create a visually striking and eye-catching piece of furniture. Additionally, live edge benches are durable and long-lasting, as they are typically made from hardwoods that are resistant to wear and tear. This makes them a sound investment for anyone looking for a functional and attractive piece of furniture that will withstand the test of time.

Another advantage of a live edge bench is its versatility. They can be used as a seating option for outdoor spaces, such as patios or gardens, as well as indoors in entryways, living rooms, or offices. Their unique design and construction also make them a popular choice for interior decorators and homeowners seeking to add a touch of rustic charm to their interiors.

How should a Live Edge Bench be maintained?

To maintain a live edge bench, it is essential to keep it clean and dry. As these benches are made from natural materials, dampness and moisture can cause damage or promote the growth of mold and mildew. Ensure that the bench is kept away from direct sources of water, such as fountains or pools, and is allowed to dry thoroughly after cleaning.

Regular dusting and wiping down with a soft, dry cloth should be sufficient to keep the bench looking clean and well-maintained. However, it may be necessary to apply a protective coat or sealant to the bench’s surface to enhance its durability and protect it from the elements. It is recommended to consult with the manufacturer or a professional woodworker for advice on suitable sealants and proper application.


What are some common types of Live Edge Bench designs?

There are various types of live edge benches, each with its own unique design and style. Some common designs include the “butcher block” style, which features a long, flat surface with natural edges and is often used as a dining table or workbench. The “tree stump” style, as the name suggests, resembles a tree stump with a carved top, creating a natural and organic appearance.

Other popular designs include the “multi-tiered” bench, which has multiple levels and can be used as a seating area or an attractive display piece. The “sawtooth” style features a zigzag pattern cut into the top surface, providing a modern and geometric twist on the traditional live edge design. Ultimately, the choice of design depends on personal preference and the desired functional or aesthetic outcome.

What are some factors to consider when purchasing a Live Edge Bench?

When purchasing a live edge bench, it is essential to consider factors such as the type of wood, the size of the bench, and its intended use. The type of wood used can impact the bench’s durability and appearance, as well as its resistance to moisture and UV rays. Hardwoods, such as teak, walnut, and maple, are popular choices for live edge benches due to their strength and beauty.

The size of the bench should also be taken into account, as it will determine the bench’s suitability for the intended space and the number of users it can accommodate. Additionally, the bench’s design and construction should be durable enough to withstand regular use and harsh weather conditions if it will be placed outdoors. Consulting with a professional or browsing through various manufacturers can help determine the best bench to suit individual preferences and requirements.

Are all Live Edge Benches custom-made?

No, not all live edge benches are custom-made. While many live edge benches are indeed commissioned as custom pieces and crafted by skilled artisans or woodworking professionals, there are also many pre-made and ready-to-purchase options available from online marketplaces and furniture retailers. These off-the-shelf benches may still feature the unique and irregular shapes characteristic of live edge designs but have been manufactured in bulk.

For those seeking a truly one-of-a-kind bench, custom-made options are often the preferred choice. Custom-made benches allow for more extensive design flexibility and the opportunity to work closely with the craftsman to achieve a specific desired style, size, and finish. However, custom-made pieces typically come with a higher price tag and longer lead times, which should be considered when making a purchase decision.

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